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Trash in the Can

Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie every other week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let's get trashed!


Dec 23, 2020

Nothing says Christmas quite like amnesiac millionaire bodybuilders, farting henchmen, and sex tape sushi. Join the boys and guest, Tessa Morrison, for a debate on whether or not Hulk Hogan is handsome in 1996's Santa with Muscles. Merry Happy, all!

Dec 10, 2020

Come for the toilet monsters, dead fly dioramas, boob swamps, adult-child Sean Astins, and stay for the director that shares something with Woody Allen. Here's a hint - it isn't his filmmaking talent. Returning guest Brendan K. O'Grady joins us for 1990's horror anthology, The Willies.