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Trash in the Can

Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie every other week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let's get trashed!


Apr 28, 2021

Do you like bad Tony Curtis impersonations, Native American possessed goiters, and bombastic laser lightshows? Well you're in luck! This week, the boys are joined by Travis Patten to discuss 1978's The Manitou starring Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, and Susan Strasberg. 

Apr 14, 2021

This week we return to the well of Lifetime movies for another helping of teenage sex workers, crumbling marriages, and overly complicated murders. Join guest Amanda Schiff and the boys for 2012's Walking the Halls.