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Trash in the Can

Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie every other week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let's get trashed!


May 30, 2018

Join Eric and Wright as they time travel back to the 70s, where everyone was ugly, had just okay voices and it didn't matter because Watergate, man. They watch 'Phantom of the Paradise' - a rock opera featuring the music of Paul Williams at his tiny, coked out best! They're joined by Fiber Artist, Cosplayer, and Beef...

May 23, 2018

Brain-eating parasites, toilet murder, and deadly blowjobs all come together in the most morbid D.A.R.E. public service announcement ever. This week we're joined by makeup artist and sweat-dabber, Liz Rische for some Brain Damage.

May 16, 2018

"A man who runs an apartment house for women is the demented son of a Nazi surgeon who has the house equipped with secret passageways, hidden rooms and torture and murder devices." -

Tourist Trap meets Schlindler's List in the most tasteful episode of Trash in the Can to date! Eric and Wright with...

May 9, 2018

"A novelty-salesman moves his family into a new house. Initially dismissing incidents as more of their father's practical jokes, the family soon learns that the house is haunted by people who lived in the house 300 years previously." -

Do you wonder what happens when you die? Join the boys with UIL Honorable...

May 2, 2018

Join the boys and special guest, Nash Gates (The Nash Attack - Podcast), as they explore the trials of teenage existence - boys, popularity, intercourse with demonic mirrors, and Lily Munster. We watch the 1990 horror flick Mirror, Mirror on today's Trash in the Can.