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Trash in the Can

Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie every other week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let's get trashed!


Nov 21, 2018

Gather the whole family for this week's bit of filth, just in time for the holiday! Join special guest Amparo Bueno for 70s bush, casual racism, and dancing dildos. We watched 1976's cult classic, The First Nudie Musical.

Nov 7, 2018

Join the boys and special guest Rich "The Pizza" Pizzo as they struggle to make sense of the worst thing to come out of Canada since Ted Cruz (We hope you voted), 1988's The Brain.